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  • Spectra™  
    Spectra™ is a visual stimulation device designed for home use as an adjunct to neurotherapy. The device contains three resident programs, each designed to facilitate treatment of specific brainwave conditions associated with mood disorders, emotional trauma, cognitive inefficiency and poor stress tolerance.
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  • Pedometer  
    Inexpensive and easy to use, pedometers give numerical feedback for measuring activity levels. Research has shown that increasing activity improves cognitive functioning, reduces anxiety, improves sleep quality and reduces depression and dysphoric mood states.
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  • Toward Integration: One Eye at a Time  
    Toward Integration: One Eye at a Time
    This 68-page softcover book is intended for use with clients who are receiving Observed & Experiential Integration (OEI) treatment. The book includes a brief review of what clients can expect during OEI treatment; instruction in calming & grounding techniques; information about associations between trauma, the brain, and the eyes; and highlights from OEI research studies. There is also a relational trauma matrix for use by clients between sessions, instruction in panic attack release points, and explanation of dissociative side effects that may occur during therapy.
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  • Harmonic Sleep™ CD - Sleep better - Stay asleep  
    Harmonic Sleep™ CD - Sleep better - Stay asleep
    Improve sleep onset and sleep maintenance. Reduces the time to fall asleep. Effective for restorative sleep. Enhances the quality of sleep.
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  • Attention™ - Improve and increase concentration  
    Attention™ - Improve and increase concentration
    Subliminal sounds help boost alertness and reduce mental fuzziness.
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  • CES  
    CES, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, is a therapeutic procedure using mild battery-powered electronic stimulation for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
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  • Harmony™  
    Quieting harmonics with hypnotic guided imagery. Promotes state for healing, revitalization, and achievement focused imagery. Harmonics to increase quieting brainwaves. Hypnotic metaphoric images promote deep relaxation. Clears the mind and calms the body to facilitate visualizations for health. Aids training programs for achievement and optimal performance. Promotes quality sleep and feelings of well-being.
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  • Biofeedback for the Brain - Paperback Neurofeedback Book  
    Biofeedback for the Brain - Paperback Neurofeedback Book
    In Biofeedback for the Brain, Dr. Paul G. Swingle describes in clear and coherent language how neurotherapy procedures work. With numerous actual case examples, readers follow the progress of clients from the initial "brain map" that shows the location and severity of the neurological abnormalities to the various stages of treatment.
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  • Basic Neurotherapy: The Clinician's Guide  
    Basic Neurotherapy: The Clinician's Guide
    A guide for clinicians who want to introduce basic neurotherapeutic treatments into their practices. The book guides the clinician through each phase of treatment from the rapid initial brainwave assessment to the various treatment options.
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  • Serene™  
    Time-tested background sound to calm the mind. One of Soundhealth’s original products with thousands of satisfied users. Reduces stress. Helps with sleep. Clinically proven to calm the nervous system. Meditators love to use Serene while they meditate. Reduces heart rate by several beats per minute. Try it in your office for a more peaceful work environment.
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Biofeedback for the Brain - Paperback Neurofeedback Book
Price: $300.00 CAD
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Neurotherapy, biofeedback, relaxation, attention, sleep and sound-healing CDs and MP3s

A leader in the research and development of products for neurophysiological healthcare professionals, Soundhealth Products, Inc. has a range of Neurotherapy, biofeedback, relaxation, attention and sleep and sound healing CDs, and MP3s. We also carry brain regulation and optimization products for the general public. All products have been thoroughly researched and subjected to stringent quality control.

The products are designed to modify brain and physiological functioning using biofeedback and neurotherapy techniques for the treatment of various conditions including depression, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity problems, anxiety, sleep problems, phobia and addiction disorders. Soundhealth Products, Inc. is the leader in the development of low sound techniques that improve brain functioning. The company’s creator, neurotherapist and biofeedback expert Dr. Paul G. Swingle, is the internationally recognized authority in the field of low sound pressure psychoactive acoustics. Dr. Swingle's book, "Subliminal Treatment Procedures: A Clinician’s Guide" is the classic text in the field of clinical application of subtle energy stimulation and sound healing. In addition, the company produces products with other forms of stimulation including microamperage, light, and magnetic fields.

EVERY neurotherapy, biofeedback, and sound healing product marketed by SoundHealth Products, Inc. has been thoroughly researched to determine the exact effects on brainwave functioning. Hence, the efficacy of each SoundHealth product has been verified because it has been found to produce reliable brainwave effects when measured with the electroencephalograph (EEG). SoundHealth products are useful not only for treating problems but are used by many as a general aid to relaxation, sleep and attention. Some products are used by the elderly to keep the brain sharp, and the college students use harmonics to aid in their studying.

The professional division supplies products for clinicians in the fields of biofeedback, neurofeedback, and brainwave modification.

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